Lacoste unveils L23 racquet

After a year of meticulous design and testing, Lacoste has unveiled the L23, its latest innovation in the world of tennis rackets. Tailored for both intermediate and expert players, the L23 (300g / 100 sq in) merges power with elegance, a testament to Lacoste’s longstanding partnership with Tecnifibre.

This racket is a blend of 60 years of expertise and boundless creativity, offering enhanced comfort, optimised by its rigid geometry, easy-to-play string pattern, anti-vibration frame, and premium damping system. The L23 Light variant provides a lighter option at 275g without compromising on technical prowess.

Unveiled at an immersive event at the Cap Estel Hotel, the L23 stands as a symbol of style and performance, embodying the power of the crocodile style in tennis.