Iconic Tennis Racquets That Changed the Game

The history of the tennis racquet is a story of evolution, innovation and revolution, paralleling the dynamic history of the sport itself. This journey has seen racquets transform from rudimentary wooden frames to sophisticated, high-tech equipment, each model leaving its own unique mark on the tennis world.

The Wooden Era: Dunlop Maxply

The wooden racquet era was dominated by models like the Dunlop Maxply, famed for its use by legends like Rod Laver and Margaret Court. Introduced in the 1930s, the Maxply was a staple on courts for over 50 years, renowned for its balance and durability.

Metal and Composite Revolution: Wilson T2000

The 1960s saw a revolutionary shift with the introduction of metal racquets such as the Wilson T2000. Made famous by Jimmy Connors, the T2000 was a steel marvel that offered unmatched power and a larger sweet spot compared to wooden racquets. Its distinctive wire-loop design at the throat was a radical departure from traditional racquet shapes.

Graphite Age: Prince Original Graphite

The 1980s ushered in the graphite age, with the Prince Original Graphite standing out. Its large head size was a dramatic change, offering players like Andre Agassi greater power and control. This racquet signalled a shift towards modern playing styles, focusing on power and topspin.

String Technology Innovations: Wilson Pro Staff

The Wilson Pro Staff series was notably used by Pete Sampras and later by Roger Federer. It combined graphite technology with innovations in string pattern, allowing for precise shot-making and control. Its classic design and feel have made it a favourite among players seeking a balance of power and finesse.

Babolat Pure Drive: The Modern Powerhouse

In the 21st century, the Babolat Pure Drive emerged as a symbol of the modern power game. Endorsed by players like Andy Roddick and Carlos Moya, its combination of power, spin, and versatility has made it popular among players at all levels.

The evolution of the tennis racquet mirrors the shifts in playing styles and strategies over the years. From the wooden artistry of the Dunlop Maxply to the power and precision of the Babolat Pure Drive, each racquet has not only been a tool for players but also a reflection of the times. As tennis continues to evolve, so too will its most essential equipment, promising new innovations and new legends.