Yonex Launches Innovative Percept Racquet for Precision Play

Renowned racquet sports brand Yonex has recently introduced the Percept tennis racquet, marking a significant evolution from the previous VCORE Pro line. Officially launched on August 25, the Percept is designed with the advanced player in mind, focusing on impeccable control and a seamless connection with the ball​​​​.

The Percept incorporates groundbreaking features such as the Servo Filter for increased flexibility and vibration dampening, and the FlexCon System for enhanced ball pocketing and control. Additionally, a Stiffer Racquet Face Design ensures consistent shot trajectory​​​​.

With the addition of the Percept 100D, Yonex extends its commitment to diverse playing styles, offering variations in weight, balance, and string patterns to suit individual preferences​​. The Percept series, retailing at £209, is poised to become a trusted companion for players seeking to refine their game with precision and creativity.